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Coaching helps you reach your goals with real-life suggestions that you can enjoy putting into motion.

Like therapy, but painless.

Therapy takes a chisel and breaks down old trauma, coaching helps you navigate it knowing you absolutely can.

Shift your focus to joy and pleasure and your whole life changes!


Meet Sara

Your Somatics Coach

A deep bout of depression taught me the power of sensual and sexual healing.


It also inspired my degree in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, my master's in Psychology and my work in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education.

I work with people of all bodies and of all abilities who want a more immediate and measurable alternative to talk therapy- whether you are looking for healing or exploring new ways to feel amazing.


Turns out pleasure, not laughter, is the best medicine.


Let's talk about how we can begin your journey together.

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Anytime anyone tells you a shape you take on is "maladaptive", just point at a zebra. Survival is not maladaptive. You survived. Now, let's get you some new tools.

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Loved meeting with Sara. Very easy to talk to and made my time and experience that much easier and pleasant. Would highly recommend her.

- Coaching Client 

Working with Sara is great. I am learning a lot about my body and how it responses to certain thoughts. Bringing awareness to my body has provided me with so much clarity of what I am feeling at any certain time. I have also learnt how some feelings like fear and excitement elicit same body reactions, but are distinguished through thinking patterns. I have experienced significant improvement in self-acceptance since I started working with Sara. She is very authentic and I can tell that she is passionate about the work she does.

- Coaching Client

I have never talked to anyone who made me feel like there was nothing wrong with me. Every time I have seen a therapist they have told me I have trauma that I don't remember. I finally feel like someone is listening and like I am not broken. 

- Coaching Client

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