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This practice is founded on the profound knowledge that our minds are only this lifetime old, that our cells have been formed and transformed for millennia, and they are infinitely wiser than anything our minds can conjure up.

It is a testament to the lineage of our ancestors, the ones who orgasmed, bled and birthed us, the ones who fermented their pain into our survival.

It is a testament to the dirt we stand on, sleep on, bathe in; and the people who came before us to hunt and gather on this land, to till and farm, to pave and prepare- all of their offering (both physical and spiritual) deeply and constantly transferring into us.


This practice is the climax of the separation between what we have been taught to interpret as a feeling, before we were taught to listen to the sensation, and the faith in our body showing up asking for perfectly attentive attention.


It is the knowledge that attention is always and forever enough.


It is the knowledge that attention and the craving thereof is never and will never be shameful.

It is the divorce of shame and pleasure, and the acknowledgment that, in a world that profits from our shame, radical self pleasure is an act of protest.

With the understanding that we never needed to feel good about our bodies to feel good in them, we can heal the entire world.

This practice is the exercise of protest, of sensation, of attention, of remembrance.

It is an ongoing project, and nothing less than a true religion.

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Sara Perry

A little bit about me and the work I do

  A deep depressive period taught me about the healing power of sensual and sexual energy. The inspiration to learn more about channeling this transformative force lead to working in environments of sex work and inspired a degree in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. I integrate this education with the study of Somatics- the body as an entire and undividable entity (body-mind-soul). 

In my practice, I work with people who want an alternative or a supplement to talk therapy. While the reasons we seek support for physical and discomforts vary vary, I want to acknowledge that we carry trauma that we cannot speak to in our bodies every day, whether it be because we have buried it in darkness or because it did not occur to us personally and was transmitted epigenetically. Instead of working from the head up, we work from the mind inward, and from our feet into the ground. We find that when we want to shake things off, we must truly shake them in

Ultimately, this practice was born to heal people with the knowledge that our body is infinitely wise and that pleasure, not laughter, truly is the best medicine.

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"trauma that can't be remembered can only be healed by feeling it"