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My name is Sara, and I believe that the body is central to our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. I use a variety of techniques and modalities to help individuals deepen their connection with their own bodies. Whether it's through touch, breathwork, movement, or mindfulness, I'm committed to helping individuals develop a greater awareness and acceptance of their bodies, feelings, and desires.

My work is particularly focused on individuals with physical disabilities, chronic pain (physical or emotional), and other conditions that may impact their relationship with their bodies and sexuality. I am dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for all individuals to explore and find pleasure.

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What is Somatic Sex Education?

Somatic sex education is an approach to sexuality education that emphasizes experiential learning, embodiment, and the integration of mind and body. It involves working with a trained somatic sex educator who uses a range of techniques and practices to help individuals explore and deepen their understanding of their own bodies, desires, and sexual expression.

It is the practice of noticing what your Soma (mind/body/spirit) wants, how to identify it, and how to communicate it. 

It is grounded in the principles of mindfulness, breathwork, touch, movement, and guided imagery, to help individuals develop a greater awareness and acceptance of their bodies, feelings, and desires.

Somatic sex education can be particularly helpful for individuals who have experienced trauma, shame, or other challenges that have impacted their relationship with their body or sexuality. It can also be beneficial for those who simply want to explore and deepen their understanding of their own sexuality and pleasure.

Sexological Bodywork

is a form of Somatic Sex Education where a practitioner works hands on and hands in a client to discover touch in a guided way. 

A client shows up to the space prepared to receive the type of contact they want and can benefit from. Boundaries are established, safety is purposefully designed, and each experience is completely different. This may or may not include genital touch, internal and external touch, clothed or unclothed touch. The foundation is truly that the receiver feels "wanting" and that the practitioner feels "willing". You can read more about this practice on my blog linked above.

I do not accept bodywork clients that I have not already been working with as an established Somatic Sex Education client.


I am available for private and group coaching, talks, and collaboration. Feel free to send an email to say hello, expand on your curiosities, or establish a new friendship!

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