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Who am I

Meet... ME! My journey is one of transformation from a place of depression and suicidal tendencies to a life filled with joy, pleasure, and purpose- don't worry, the mania and depression are still there- but they are manageable.

Growing up as a third culture child, I experienced many challenges, including cultural adaptation, language barriers, and navigating multiple identities. These challenges along with a naturally sensitive heart eventually led me to a deep sense of disconnection and hopelessness. However, through my own personal healing journey, I discovered the power of somatic work, pleasure, and radical self-acceptance.

Now, as a somatic sex educator, I help others reclaim their bodies, pleasure, and sexuality. I believes that the body is an incredible source of wisdom and that everyone (yes, even the people we don't typically picture getting their rocks off) deserves to experience pleasure and joy. I use a trauma-informed approach to help my clients heal from past experiences of trauma and shame, and help them develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and sexuality.

In addition to my work as a somatic sex educator, I am also a children's book author. I create books that celebrate diversity and inclusivity and empower children to embrace their uniqueness, face challenges and create a better world. My books aim to promote social justice and help children develop a sense of empathy and compassion for others and for themselves.

As a radically inclusive activist, I am committed to fighting for social justice and equality. I work tirelessly to promote a world where everyone is valued and respected, regardless of their gender, race, religion, orientation, or ability. I believe that inclusivity and diversity are essential for creating a world that is equitable, just, joyful and sustainable.

When I have decided I don't need to sleep anymore, I also run a non-profit organization that provides international aid to Venezuela. My organization is committed to supporting people when and how we can by funneling resources that would be discarded and arranging for transport and distribution where they are needed the most. Through my work, I hope to create a world where everyone has access to basic needs and opportunities.

My life is a testament to the power of healing, pleasure, and radical self-love. Before I lose you, I leave you with my manifesto, an explicit declaration of my practice in life and in occupation.

This practice is founded on the profound knowledge that our minds are only this lifetime old, that our cells have been formed and transformed for millennia, and they are infinitely wiser than anything our minds can conjure up.

It is a testament to the lineage of our ancestors, the ones who orgasmed, bled and birthed us, the ones who fermented their pain into our survival.

It is a testament to the dirt we stand on, sleep on, bathe in; and the people who came before us to hunt and gather on this land, to till and farm, to pave and prepare- all of their offering (both physical and spiritual) deeply and constantly transferring into us.

This practice is the climax of the separation between what we have been taught to interpret as a feeling to before we were taught to listen to the sensation, and the faith in our body showing up asking for perfectly attentive attention.

It is the knowledge that attention is always and forever enough.

It is the knowledge that attention and the craving thereof is never and will never be shameful.

It is the divorce of shame and pleasure, and the acknowledgment that, in a world that profits from our shame, radical self pleasure is an act of protest.

With the understanding that we never needed to feel good about our bodies to feel good in them, we can heal the entire world.

This practice is the exercise of protest, of sensation, of attention, of remembrance. It is an ongoing project, and nothing less than a true religion.

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